The Music

The Year of the Barbarian

Live sounds from the 2004 east coast tour/invasion.

Track Listing
01 Statement
02 New Elvis
03 TV
04 Selfish Song
05 Enjoy the Ride
06 Pop Culture Casualties
07 Growin' Up
08 Waiting for a Break
09 Scarred
10 Veteran Kareoke
1-3, 10 Recorded at The Rat Ward in Hampton, VA 8/04 by Mike Bell
4-9 Recorded at Lemp Arts Center in St. Louis, MO 2/04 by Ben Smith
Cover art by Andy Wallace

The Endless Retreat

MDUB's latest release has the 2 man noise train returning to the studio to bash out some new numbers as well as some oldies but goodies. The Zor-ton clan exudes further experience and cohesion as they release their sound-fury for mass consumption. MDUB again blurs the lines between pleasure and pain, between Noise and Pop.

Now available!

Track listing:
01 TV - download full length MP3
02 Waiting for a Break
03 New Elvis - See the video
04 Treading Water
05 Pop Culture Casualties
06 Slaves
07 Enjoy the Ride
08 Outer Space
09 Statement
recorded by MDUB 2/03


Live At 16-Bits

Somehow someone somewhere managed to record the musical onslaught of MDUB and escape unharmed. With their raw sonic experimentation firmly underway, MDUB blurs the noise/song barrier, proving that they are not your ordinary punk rock band. The unindexed c.d. presents the show in its entirety without any breaks or interruptions. In Track 2 the Barbarians return to the studio to cut their moody single "selfish song".

Track listing:
01 You're a friend, you're a friend. Growin' up. Waiting for a break.Enjoy the ride. destination unknown. selfish song. treading water. slaves.
02 Selfish song (studio version)
#1 recorded by Jay braun for a fish sandwich at the Charleston 1/02'. Track 2 recorded by Justin Zor-Ton at melody lanes 11/01'

MP3 slices
Growing Up - 80-second MP3
Treading Water - 142-second MP3
Selfish Song - 53-second MP3



Debut EP! Raw, pounding noise!

Reorded by: Jay Braun at Melody lanes 3/01

Track listing:
01 Enjoy the Ride - 59-second MP3
02 Gray Song - 120-second MP3
03 Growing Up - 59-second MP3
04 Slip Away - 88-second MP3