Upon hearing this music, the listener may be struck by the strange frequencies emitting from their stereo or computer. There is something off-kilter about this band. Hearing the curious rumblings of Jesse Zor-Ton's dum drums and the askew sounds of Devin Zor-Ton's space bass have made some speculate that the band presents something otherworldly.

Our last 5 shows
  cake shop, nyc
  Sunday, May 27

  the Lucky cat, brooklyn, ny
  Thursday, August 31

  as220, providence, RI ( fancy fest)
  Saturday, August 26

  Cake shop, nyc
  Saturday, July 29

  cakeshop, nyc
  Monday, July 10

Year of the Barbarian
The Endless Retreat
Live At 16-Bits

Devin Zor-Ton
Space Bass & vocals
It is said that bassist/vocalist Devin (e-mail) was hatched from some sort of space egg/pod that came from god-knows-where.
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Jesse Zor-Ton
Dum drums
The speculated origins of Jesse (e-mail) is even more out-landish. He was allegedly formed from an ox rib by the senior barbarian in his laboratory.
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MDUB has just worked out a collaberation with this experimental label "Public Eyesore", out of Nebraska. They recently heard the Barbarians call and have responded with support.

3301 Dewey Av. #8 Omaha, NE 68105 USA
url http://www.sinkhole.net/pehome
grp http://groups.yahoo.com/group/publiceyesore
eml sistrum1@hotmail.com
tel / fax (402)342-1223

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